1 The Church of Paete-was completed in the year 1717 through the effort of Fr. Francisco dela Fuente.

  1. The National Altar or Pambansang Dambana – presidential proclamation #260 by the then President Ferdinand E. Marcos in the year 1974, because of the unique and beautiful design and structure.
  2. The beautiful brick façade carved in baroque romanesque designs.
  3. The powerful tower where 5 bells are hanging wherein the most major weighs one (1) ton and when it rings, the sound reaches a radius of 5 kilometers.
  4. The cross shaped floor tiles surrounded by high and thick brick walls.
  5. The 5 symmetrical altar “retablos”.
  6. The church “simboryo” surrounded by carved ballastre where lights and winds pass by.


  1. The majestic 5 altars retablos adorned with fine and beautiful carvings.
  2. The four unique murals
  3. The heaven and the purgatory (last judgement or Jucio Final) 1720
  4. The mural of the sacraments and hell.
  5. The two murals of St. Christopher.
  6. Oriental style painted on the wall.
  7. Western style painted at the wood frame created by Jose Laureano Dans
  8. The tabernacle and the chandelier wrapped in thin silver plate with beautiful designs.
  9. The two pairs of “insensaryo” and “seriales”.
  10. The rotary of the bell.


  1. TATLONG KRUS or site of the Three Crosses – 3 based on the 3 crosses at the Mt. Calvary.
  • instead of sacrifices, became annual fiesta of the farmers during the month of May.
  • serves as guide for fishermen so as not to go astray and easily came home.

2. MATABUNGCA FALLS – one of the legendary sites of the town. Can easily be seen on the hill just below the               tatlong Krus.

3. WAWA PARK — where motor boats are stationed ready to transport tourist for joyful ride at the Laguna

1882 – Mariano C. Madrillan won in the sculpture competition in the International Exposition of His Amsterdam for His Mater Dolorosa. Awarded a diploma and gold medal by King Alfonso XII of Spain.

March 15, 2005- by virtue of the Presidential Proclamation #809 by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo became the “Carving Capital of The Phillippines”.